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Technology used to encourage
young children
to be more physically active

  • What is babihub?

  • Babihub has designed and developed smart innovative technology that combines with interactive play to encourage young children to be more physically active.

  • Why do I need it?

  • Recent research has shown that 9 in 10 children in the early years don’t meet the requirement for physical activity per day. Nurseries and parents need tools to help them monitor and encourage the young ones.

  • Where can I find out more?

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Our Story

Dr. Jonathon Hughes

Dr. Jonathon Hughes founded Babihub after his research in child health focussed on traumatic brain injury in infants and toddlers. After his research he felt that innovation and technology could be better used as a tool for educational practitioners and parents to monitor and improve early years health and development.

Babihub was founded on the principles of developing innovate smart products to give young children the best start in life.

Combining technology and play to improve early years health and education.

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